I had been struggling with what to post today, because I’m working on a few projects that need finishing touches and there’s this recipe that I’m really excited about that needs some work on the “not coming out of the oven raw in the center” front. But it’s past ten pm now, and I should have put something up hours ago. In a desperate attempt to find something to blog about I started going through the pictures on my phone, trying to think of something to write about. It worked- but not in the way that I expected.


I passed this photo on my phone just as the song “love, love, love” by The Mountain Goats started to play [listen here].  I was taken back immediately to the moment in the photo, what had been going through my mind and why Jim and I had decided to go down to the lake in near freezing weather. It was a quick moment of perspective and reflective appreciation for the moments of calm in life.

Ultimately, I don’t really have anything to post about today. All I have is the hopes that whatever you’re doing right now, you take a second to listen to a song that you love or find a photo that makes you happy and ruminate in it for a second or two. Take a deep breath, appreciate that life is good, smile, and get yourself ready for tomorrow.

Some nights it’s important to just remember the little things.


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