Favorite Things Roundup: Fall Edition

So on the East Coast the weather is FINALLY changing. Seriously- I don’t know if I’m bitter about no longer being able to truly enjoy Summer Vacations, or the fact that I actually see what air conditioning does to an electric bill- but whatever it is, I just don’t enjoy the summer months the way that I used to. Of course, I say that knowing full well that most summers I hid in my parent’s basement spending hours on the internet. But anyway! Fall is here! Kind of! And that means that it’s time to bring out all of those fabulous fall favorites that I yearn to use all summer long.

Supergoop CC Cream

photo from Supergoop website

photo from Supergoop website

Supergoop is a product that I had never heard of before I started my Birchbox subscription, but has quickly become a staple in my daily routine. During the summer, I used Supergoop’s SPF Sunscreen religiously. Now that I no longer have to worry about my makeup melting off of my face, I can change my morning product rotation a bit- and it definitely includes this CC cream. It has essentially replaced my previous BB cream/concealer/foundation regimen that left my face looking caked in awfulness. I just throw a bit of this cream on and blend it with a stipple application brush, throw on some powder foundation, blend, and I’m done! It totally helps me to pretend like I got up early enough to do my makeup instead of laying in bed cuddling with the cats for that extra forty fifteen minutes.

Granted, the awesomeness comes with a definite price- it’s expensive, but totally worth the splurge.


Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturizer 

Photo was grabbed from google images

Photo was grabbed from allure.com


The second that it starts to get cold, my skin begins to revolt. Seriously. Every year, by the time Thanksgiving rolls around, I have cracked and bleeding knuckles purely from exposure to the cold. It’s gross. I’ve tried every lotion-related option that the drugstore has to offer, and this is the only option that works. It was recommended to me by my sister-in-law last winter, and it’s an absolute dream. Plus, it’s not greasy at all- which is a HUGE perk since there’s nothing more disgusting than grease marks on the keyboard at work.


Essie: Smokin’ Hot


Photo from sleekhair.com

Okay so my favorite thing about fall is getting to pull out the rich colors- particularly purple, which just doesn’t have the same impact in its lighter spring and summer hues. This color by Essie (which is the only brand of nailpolish that I can use that will last more than half a day.) is my current obsession. I top it with Essie’s “No Chips Ahead” top coat for a manicure that sticks around a few extra days.


Merona Satchel Handbag (with removable crossbody strap)

merona bag

Photo from Polyvore

Part of the pain-in-the-butt-ness of being a recent college grad with loans and car payments and all that fun stuff is being effectively broke. That’s why basically this entire list except for the Supergoop can be purchased at your friendly neighborhood Target (#I’lltradeyoushamelessplugsforcreditdebtforgiveness). But I go to a lot of meetings for work, so I need my handbags to hold a lot of my crap that I can’t leave the house without (yes, this includes a 3-inch tall Batman plushie and five lipsticks that are all red. STOP JUDGING ME.) My favorite bags are always the Merona lines that Target sells, because they look pretty rocking for the weekends but are work-appropriate. Plus, the awesome front clasp on this bag is a fantastic statement.

Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick in Bordeaux

2014-08-29 19.57.57

This photo is of me, by me. #selfienation

Since I’ve already revealed my lazy-as-hell makeup routine, I may as well let you in on the secret to my “put together” look; I play up the lip drama. I own a dozen different shades of red, coral, and burgundy lipsticks that I pull out whenever I’m feeling particularly sassy or (admittedly) when I need to distract people from the fact that my eyebrows desperately need to be done. My favorite color, and the one that I’ve desperately wanted to use for weeks now, is Rimmel’s Bordeaux color.


So now that the season is turning, what are your go-to fall favorites? Anything I should try? Tell me in the comments!