Adulting Resource Pinterest Roundup

So on Sunday I posted about trying to find a balance between all the different facets of life, and in truth I didn’t expect to get much of a response. I mean, most of us are pretty clueless about life. It’s why Self Help books, talk show gurus, and the Lifestyles section of the newspaper makes so much money.  Personally, being both cheap and a sucker for good photography and infographics, I’ve begun to utilize Pinterest for its myriad of tips on everything from how to clean my house to composting guides. Here’s the roundup of my favorites Pinterest finds:


When we first moved in together, my then-fiance and I tried to mentally tabulate our expenses. As anyone who has ever been an adult for longer than a year knows, this isn’t something that ends well. It’s confusing and stressful and we made some dumb mistakes. So! We switched to a budget binder, which we also replicate online in the google document.

The binder that we use is a free download that you can get here. It’s pretty and also covers just about everything. She also has created a number of other binders for organizing, if binders are your thing!

Moving Tips

The common plight of most of my 20-something friends is that we’re at an age where we move a lot. Most of my high school and college friends have moved at least once in the last three-four years, and it’s typically a group effort. That’s why I recommend this list to every person who is about to go through the process of moving. If you have the time to utilize some of the tips, it will make life so much easier.

Home Decor: Small Space Living 

As I mentioned in this post, our first place was a gorgeous space that was also very tiny with built-in features that complicated decorating. Currently, we’re living in a much larger space with a lot of dedicated rooms. This means that the challenges in decorating our first home are completely different from the challenges facing our second home (for example, we went from banging our head on our ceiling to not being able to reach it, because it’s 10 feet tall).  Luckily, this list (which is definitely sponsored, just an FYI) is pretty comprehensive. I’ve used most of the tips and they definitely work!

Cleaning Guides

   Ah, cleaning. It’s the never-ending task, especially when you have three cuddly little hairballs.  Of course, one of our kitties has a sensitivity to hard-core cleaners, so we have to be careful about the supplies that we use. For most things, we buy all-natural cleaners (typically Meyers or Method Brand) for others, I make my own. That’s where this guide to natural cleaning has come in handy. It has some great tips for non-expensive cleansers, and most of the cleansers can be made from things that homes just have. I use that guide in conjunction with a personalized Daily Cleaning List that I created based off of this list here (I blended the “kid’s bath” and “guest bath” into general bathroom cleanup on Tuesday to leave Friday open to relax).

Cooking Guides

A year ago, I had never cooked anything more difficult than chicken tacos, grilled cheese, and Ramen noodles. I baked the family Christmas cookies and occasionally made chocolate covered blueberries or oreo truffles, but mostly I stayed far way from the oven. Truth be told, ovens terrify me. They are metal boxes of witchcraft, and I don’t trust them. That said, Lean Cuisines are expensive, and so I had to learn how to cook. The years of sitting in the kitchen with my mom while she cooked gave me three very specific types of knowledge: 1. Always use fresh herbs when you have them; 2. Always crush your garlic to get the best flavor; and 3. Summer tomatoes should be eaten with a sheep’s milk cheese or a pinch of sea salt straight from the garden. You will find no better flavor anywhere.

Now, since I can’t put my mom on Pinterest and most nights my cooking style can be described as “Winging it,” I’ve turned to Pinterest more than a few times for a last-minute recipe. But more helpful are the fresh herb flavor pairings, the infographic guide to smoothie making (because I hate breakfast foods), and Buzzfeed’s healthy eating tips (which were actually incredibly helpful).


So there you have it-the Pinterest life cheats that I’ve been using while I figure out how to do things properly.  What sorts of online guides have you guys used to learn new things? Please share them with me. Please?

Also, if you’re wondering what other things I’ve pinned (spoiler: it’s recipes, tattoos that I want, and country kitchens) check me out on Pinterest!